The Fantastic Pontiac Trans Am, with a Mere 3,500 Miles, Awaits Its True Enthusiast - 026

Let's talk Trans Am—the embodiment of an automotive icon that demands our respect. The Trans Am's insatiable hunger for performance elevated it to the echelons of desirability, and Pontiac, recognizing its potential, ventured into crafting special models designed for the rigors of racing competition.

Consider the illustrious 1980 Trans Am, a testament to this legacy.

Forty-three years ago, Pontiac unveiled the Trans Am Indianapolis Pace Car, a distinguished model entrusted with the solemn duty of pacing the hallowed grounds of the Indianapolis race.

This special-edition Trans Am commanded attention with its unique white paint, distinctive decals, and a turbocharged engine primed to tackle the challenges of pacing the revered Indy race.

A mere 5,700 of these Trans Am Pace Cars emerged from the assembly lines, a reflection of the times. The Trans Am, once a high-flying star, had seen its annual production numbers plummet from 117,000 units to around 50,000 cars by 1980.

Today, it remains a mystery how many Trans Am Pace Cars have endured, but one remarkable specimen has persevered, tirelessly seeking a second chance at glory.

My first encounter with this rare Trans Am occurred in July of this year when it graced the virtual pages of eBay for auction. This automotive treasure, originating from a museum collection, arrived with an astonishingly low mileage - merely 3,500 miles - all of which are original.

Everything about this Trans Am remains untouched, unspoiled, and as a museum piece, it has been meticulously preserved, both inside and out.

This car bears the distinction of never undergoing restoration, presenting an extraordinary opportunity to acquire an authentic piece of American automotive history, frozen in time.

Yet, perplexingly, no deep-pocketed collector has been willing to seize this rare Trans Am. The vehicle recently reemerged on eBay, this time without a Buy It Now option. The current auction has progressed to $17,800, but an undisclosed reserve looms, awaiting the Internet's determination to surpass it.

The reserve's value remains shrouded in mystery, yet it's prudent to acknowledge the initial $150,000 asking price. Prospective online bidders may need to scale the heights of $100,000 and beyond to unlock this treasure.

While the seller initially indicated an openness to other offers, the current situation remains unclear. Those smitten with the idea of claiming this Trans Am should reach out to the owner for a more detailed discussion.

For those who wish to witness this piece of history firsthand, the Trans Am patiently awaits in Valparaiso, Indiana, where it has remained in serene stillness. Every additional mile added to its odometer could be a coin tossed into the wishing well of nostalgia, diminishing its allure.

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