013 - Unleash the Power: Immaculately Restored 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback Boss 427 - A Ferocious Beast Worth $130k

Behold the mesmerizing presence of a fully restored 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback, an absolute force to be reckoned with. This formidable beast emerged during the Mustang's remarkable era of transformation, beginning with the bold 1969 restyling that endowed it with a more muscular stance.

Lengthened by 3.8 inches (97 mm) and slightly wider, the Mustang of '69 witnessed the exhilarating debut of the Mach 1 and the two Boss models (302 and 429), not to mention the revamped Shelby GT350 and GT500.

The year 1970 proved to be another remarkable chapter for the Mustang, despite Ford opting for a more subdued design featuring single headlights, a flat taillight panel, and a lack of rear fender air scoops.

However, don't let the exterior fool you, as this 1970 Mustang Fastback has undergone an all-encompassing restoration, meticulously reviving its allure both inside and out. Notably, it has been skillfully enhanced with modern amenities such as air conditioning and power steering.

Now, let's delve into the true heart of this majestic machine – the Ford Racing Crate 427 motor. This awe-inspiring powerhouse is equipped with Sniper EFI fuel injection, seamlessly mated to a Tremec 5-speed manual gearbox featuring a hydraulic clutch. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

Imposing performance modifications grace every inch of this masterpiece, including a 9" rear end boasting 3.91 gears, an MSD distributor, coil, and ignition box, a CVF serpentine belt system, twin electric fans, front and rear sway bars, Scott Drake Leaf Springs, Wilwood front disc brakes, ceramic coated headers, and adjustable coil-over springs. Every element has been meticulously fine-tuned to unleash pure automotive exhilaration.

In addition to its exhilarating performance, this Mustang offers unparalleled convenience. Revel in the comfort of air conditioning and power steering, as previously mentioned. Indulge your senses with a cutting-edge digital gauge cluster, a Bluetooth stereo with a 5-channel amp, an 8" subwoofer, and four speakers.

Illuminating the way forward are the striking LED headlights, while Billet hood hinges and a trunk-mounted battery add a touch of refined elegance.

Undeniably, a vehicle of this caliber comes with a price commensurate with its magnificence. The mesmerizing 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback Boss 427 stands at a value of $129,950, a worthwhile investment for the devoted classic Mustang enthusiast.

However, for those who lean toward the allure of modern marvels, the $130k price tag could alternatively secure you a brand new 2022 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, leaving you with approximately $5,000 to spare for enticing optional extras. The choice is yours to make.

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