The 1966 Chevy Caprice, with Matching Numbers, Aims to Eclipse the Legendary Impala - 22

Let's rewind the clock to the illustrious year of 1965 when the Chevrolet Impala soared to unprecedented heights, propelling the brand's sales to soaring altitudes.

In a remarkable feat, the Impala became the first American car since World War II to shatter the one-million-unit sales mark in a single year. And behind this monumental accomplishment stood the Caprice, playing a pivotal role in this triumph.

Originally introduced as an Impala variant, the Caprice quickly rose in stature and significance, ultimately earning its own standalone series. Chevrolet, drawing inspiration from the successful strategy employed with the Impala's debut in 1958, had discovered a winning formula.

By launching the Impala as a Bel Air version, the new model garnered immediate attention and recognition. Remarkable initial sales propelled the Impala into a separate series in just one short year, officially parting ways with the Bel Air in 1959.

With faith in the effectiveness of this strategy, Chevrolet repeated history with the Caprice. After introducing it as an Impala iteration in 1965, the company elevated it to a distinct series in 1966, signaling the beginning of a new chapter for this classic model.

Enter this captivating 1966 Chevy Caprice, a vintage gem that appears to have slumbered for quite some time. The owner, as described on Craigslist, candidly states that this Caprice is in need of a comprehensive restoration, although specific details about its condition remain a mystery.

Based solely on the photos provided, the car exhibits promising signs with its solid metal structure, albeit showing some rust on the fenders.

It's likely that this Caprice has been sheltered beneath the protective cover of the owner's barn or garage, preserving its structural integrity. Nevertheless, a closer inspection is advisable, particularly beneath the car to scrutinize the condition of the floors and trunk.

According to the seller, the vehicle is not currently operational, necessitating the use of a trailer for transportation. However, a crucial detail remains unanswered: the status of the engine. While it's challenging to ascertain, the original matching-numbers powertrain still resides under the hood.

This Caprice originally left the assembly line equipped with a potent 396 big-block engine churning out 325 horsepower. The question lingers—does the engine still roar to life or, at the very least, turn over by hand?

This Caprice presents itself as a prime candidate for a meticulous restoration, brimming with potential. Prospective buyers are encouraged to embark on an in-person examination before making a commitment, primarily due to the limited information available. Determining whether the car remains in its original, untouched state or if certain components have been replaced or if the body received a fresh coat of paint is a crucial consideration.

Should this Caprice boast a genuine, unaltered, and untarnished lineage, it stands as a rare survivor deserving of a comprehensive rejuvenation. Such qualities more than justify the $9,000 asking price, especially when compared to the market for well-preserved Impalas.

A 1966 Impala, in both pristine condition and as a restoration project, consistently commands attention and interest.

This remarkable Caprice beckons from its resting place near Alexandria, offering the tantalizing possibility of embarking on a journey to revive its timeless splendor. The seller even hints that they may entertain other offers, providing a unique opportunity for an astute collector or enthusiast.

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