775HP Hellcat-Powered Ram Pickup Truck Ready to Set the Road Ablaze! -58

As you can see in the images here, the Hellfire Ram has a menacing look, but as you might have guessed from the name – the real story of this Ram 1500 is under the hood, as it packs a modified Hellcat Hemi.

This Ram 1500 began its life as an R/T model with the regular cab, the short bed, rear wheel drive and the 5.7L Hemi, but the crew at the Dallas Speed Shop replaced that 390hp Hemi with the 707hp Hellcat Hemi.

However, since 707hp just wasn’t enough, DSS added a few of Kooks headers, a full exhaust system and an engine tune, lifting the output to 775 horsepower.

Next, DSS added a lowered suspension setup that helps bolster the aggressive stance while also improving handling and to help this big, bad pickup get stopped from the extreme speeds that come with a 775hp Hellcat Hemi, the team added a Rotora carbon ceramic brakepackage with 8-piston front calipers and 4-piston rear calipers.

Finally, to help get traction while cornering, braking and (sometimes) accelerating, the Dallas Speed Shop added a set of 22 inch Forgeline wheels wrapped in Continental tires.

Once the high performance attributes of the Hellfire Ram were handled, DSS turned their attention to the exterior of the truck, adding the carbon fiber splitter, the carbon fiber canards, the wheel flares and the satin black paint finish with an offset red stripe that matches the red mirror caps.

If you saw this Ram 1500 sitting with the hood down at the local track, you would guess that it is probably a pretty quick pickup, but thanks to the tuned Hellcat Hemi, this Ram truck was surely one of the fastest at SEMA.

Sure, it is only a show truck built by a performance shop, but there is no question that something like the Hellfire would make a perfect follow-up to the old Dodge Ram SRT10.

With any luck, FCA and Ram will see the demand for an on-road performance truck and build their own Hellcat-powered Ram R/T, but in the meantime, we have this beautiful SEMA show truck to dream about.

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