006 - 1967 Pontiac GTO Endures the Years and Escapes Vandals - Engine Still Turns Over

We won't delve into the Pontiac GTO's significance in muscle car history, but rather focus on what truly matters to those in search of a 1967 model. Feast your eyes on this hidden gem: a coupe that's been tucked away in storage for years.

Although details are sparse, we know that the car was last registered in 1991. Assuming it was parked a year later, this GTO could have been in storage for an impressive 29 years. However, this is merely conjecture.

As evident from the images accompanying this article and shared by eBay seller oldwoody34, the car has seen better days, with the bodywork desperately needing a full repaint.

Originally painted burgundy with a vinyl top, neither has survived to this day. Interestingly, this works in favor of potential buyers, as it allows for easy identification of rust on the bodywork.

The seller claims the car is quite straight with minimal rust. However, it's crucial to thoroughly inspect the GTO and draw your own conclusions.

Initially stowed in California, the car weathered an attack by vandals who shattered its windows, leaving the GTO currently windowless.

Regrettably, specifics about the engine are scarce, aside from the fact that it turns over and doesn't seize.

Paired with an automatic transmission, it's difficult to determine the extent of work required to get the duo up and running.

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